Grocery Shopping = FUN!

I have a secret to tell...some years ago, I used to hate going grocery shopping! Truthfully, the more I grew accustomed to eating healthier, the more I loved running to the store to pick up my weekly fruits and veggies.

Let's look at 5 ways I made grocery shopping more like a hobby:
  1. I make small lists that cover the essential food groups, but also explore every aisle. I do this because there is always something new that I find, that I would not have normally found by sticking only to the list.
  2. Go on a day when there's not many shoppers. I've learned that if I go grocery shopping during the week, I run into less buggies. This allows for more exploration.
  3. Sample foods! Well, my favorite grocery store is called H-E-B (Here Everything is Better -- & it is!) and there's someone giving out food samples around almost every corner.
  4. Find a new recipe in your favorite cookbook (or online, like I do) and search for ingredients. You'll be surprised at how many different foods you'll find when you're shopping for things you've never cooked before.
  5. HAVE FUN!! Try not to look at it as a chore. Your Health = Your Wealth!