Created in 2012, Food-Mood is the brain child of mental health professional Jennifer M. Philips. Her innate passion for wellness studies moved her to earn a master's level degree in clinical mental health counseling and a certification in nutrition & wellness. Jennifer's primary goal for Food-Mood is to educate her clients on the relationship between what they eat & how they feel, as she emphasizes that a healthy diet is extremely vital for overall well-being.

While Jennifer places nutrition at the forefront of holistic health now, she admits that her previous lifestyle consisted of fatty foods resulting in low energy levels. Ironically maintaining a healthy weight was never an issue for her - in fact, she has always been lean, thin and athletic. In 2002, Jennifer's doctor diagnosed her with borderline high cholesterol which jolted her into exploring more baked selections than fast foods and fried options. Consequently, she saw her cholesterol levels drop significantly and felt less encumbered overall.

By 2010, Jennifer was birthing her professional career by interning, working full-time and completing her master's studies. All of her commitments left her haggard by day's end. That's when she began to pay even closer attention to her intake and habits, taking on yoga and meditation plus drinking green smoothies daily.

To her satisfaction, Jennifer noticed a boost in her energy. She was no longer sluggish after meals, rather she found herself more balanced throughout the day. Evenings were more relaxing, as she enjoyed better, more restful sleep. These changes also trickled into her kitchen, as Jennifer was more particular with her food preparation. Since she was taking her time to review healthful recipes online, grocery shopping was no longer a drag. Instead, Jennifer masterfully selected better times of day to shop which enabled her to navigate through markets with strategy and truly evaluate ingredients and nutrition facts. Jennifer acknowledges that the most enjoyable part of her modification in lifestyle (in addition to the positive mental and physical changes) was exposing herself to various spices, fruits, whole grains and veggies that she normally would not of tried! Instead of seeking chips for a quick snack, she shifted to dried kiwi; rather than craving a milkshake, her palate led her to various cozy teas. Her food favorites graduated from being convenient to being nutritious — pineapples, blueberries, spinach, Brussels sprouts — as she found herself perusing the outer perimeter of her favorite grocers rather than seeking the processed foods she'd chosen previously.

Food-Mood: The two are inherently related. Jennifer's expertise teaches her clients to make significant, realistic amendments to their food choices to positively impact their life away from the dining table.