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Today is 10/10/16 & it is officially 1 year since I have been back living in Atlanta! Though I miss living in Houston, moving back closer to family has been one of my better decisions made. Of course, I moved back with business in mind and after working so much over the past several years, I decided to slow it down and truly focus on mind/body/spirit (self-care). When I moved to Houston in 2012, I quit everything and truly took a leap of faith! No job, 1 friend, no family...just savings and my dog!! In fact, I had never been to Houston prior to my commitment to moving there. It was purely my "Santiago journey", from the book, "The Alchemist". I landed there on a Sunday, had some job interviews lined up for that Monday and secured two job offers by the end of the week. I was able to cultivate life-long friendships there and have an amazing experience that I never ever take for granted. I grew closer in faith, purpose and passion, which led me to healing myself …

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