If we are what we eat, wouldn't it make sense that foods abundant with nutrients would positively activate our bodies? The main focus of Food-Mood is centralized around each client's needs and long- and short- term goals. Weight loss is not the central motivation of every nutrition program, and this is true for Food-Mood, too. After all, Jennifer's firsthand experience exemplifies how we can maintain a healthy weight and fit physique while underlying health issues creep into our bodies in the form of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and other diseases. While heredity has a significant impact, we can be proactive by understanding how our foods affect our mental peace and streamline our function to allow holistic results.

Food-Mood Offerings:
  • 30 Minute Initial Consultation - 30 minutes
  • Full Consultation - 60 minutes
  • Food-Mood Wellness Sessions - per 30 minutes
  • Food-Mood 101 Healthy Meal Prep - 60 minutes
  • Corporate Wellness Workshops / Lunch & Learns - 60 minutes
  • Grocery Store Tour - 90 minutes
  • Kitchen Organization - 60 minutes
  • Grocery Store Tour & Kitchen Organization Package - 120 minutes
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Please note: If you believe you have medical concerns, please consult with your primary care physician prior to contacting Food-Mood. Also, services are not a substitute to medication. If you are taking medication, please continue unless discontinued by your physician.