Hydrate w/ Stawberry-Kiwi Water!

Growing up, I hated the taste (or the lack of taste) of water. Honestly, I only consumed fruit juices such as Hi-C Orange, Capri Sun and a slew of Minute Maid brand juices. Making the transition to become healthier, I had to ween myself off of those toxic drinks. I struggled for a very long time, but I am happy to say that it's been over a year and I have drank water consistently on a daily basis.

Let's discuss some ways that I was able to shake my bad habit and obtain my recommended intake of water.

The ultimate craze for "flavored" water came via added lemon wedges in your water to create a palatable taste. I would use lemons and then shortly thereafter, I converted to limes. The lime added variety to my taste buds. Then, while researching online the health benefits of raw honey, I learned of the anti-imflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, so I began adding raw honey to boost my immune! Of course, after a while, I felt as though I was drinking fruit juice because of the sweetness. I then went back to adding either the juice of a lime or lemon.

Now on to the gems! We are already eating fruits, so why not add them to our water? Buying carbonated flavored water has the potential to have chemicals that are no good for your body, so I would advise avoiding these. I do, however suggest taking the time to purchase fresh fruit, chop them yourself and add them to a pitcher of H2O! You have the ability to mix up your fruits for a variety of flavors and have better control of your nutritional intake. This week, I decided to chop up some Kiwis & Strawberries and added them to my Bodum Ceylon 51 oz. infusion pitcher filled with water. These lovely fruits have so many health benefits, including fiber, healthy digestion, and blood sugar control.

In addition to adding Strawberries & Kiwis to your water, here are some other fruit infusions:
  • Strawberry & Mint
  • Cucumbers
  • Cucumbers, Lime & Lemons
  • Green Tea, Mint & Lime
  • Lemons, Lime, & Oranges
If you are wondering how many ounces of water you should be drinking on a daily basis, an easy way to calculate it is to take your weight and split it in half. I'll explain, using myself as an example. I currently weigh 134 lbs. and half of 134 is 67 ounces. This calculation means that I should be drinking at least four 16 oz bottles of water a day.

Have you tried fruit/water infusions? I'd love to hear your feedback and if adding the fruit to your water has made it easier to consume.