Quick Veggie Recipe: Asparagus, Yellow Bells & Mushrooms

Yesterday for lunch, I decided to make a quick vegetable plate with some of my favorite veggies. Two of my three daily meals are usually all plant based, saving the meat for dinner. Take a look at the recipe below:

- 1 bunch of Asparagus 
- 1/2 Yellow Bell Pepper
- 6 large Mushrooms, chopped in fours
- 1 tbs of Minced Garlic
- Seasonings: Mediterranean Sea Salt, Fresh Black Pepper & Basil
- 5 tbs water
- 1 tsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Combine all of the ingredients in a pan and cover for about 8 minutes. Once your asparagus is a bright green color, the yellow peppers and mushrooms are tender, you can remove and serve!