Hawaiian Sea Salts

With various illnesses on the rise, such as high blood pressure and autoimmune diseases, people are on the hunt to find healthier alternatives to traditional salt. If you remember a few months ago, I created a small post on Himalayan Pink Salt and its benefits. Well today, I wanted to circle back around and share a couple of wonderful salts from Hawaii.

First, the reasons why table salt is not good for you, is because it has no nutritional value. Yes, I am speaking of the lovely blue cylinder container, with the girl in the yellow dress holding the purple umbrella...yep, no bueno! Of course, there are other table salts, but this is the most common of them all. The mining process of table salt breaks it down to sodium chloride. It is, like the boxes on the shelves with expiration dates, over chemically processed.

With that being said, I challenge you to research the health benefits of these two tasty Hawaiian sea salts:

Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt
Hawaiian Black Lava Salt
I would love to read what information you have found. Please take the time to comment below and let's have a healthy discussion on your findings! Also, these salts can be purchased in health food stores and online sites like Vitacost.