Secret to Weight Loss

I am often asked what the best way to lose weight is. One of my first questions that I ask after finding out that the person is working out is, "How much cardio exercise are you doing?". The response is usually close to "barely". The saying, "80% nutrition and 20% exercise" is very true, but what types of exercise?

In addition to having a well-balanced diet, I always recommend that clients seeking weight loss are committed to cardio exercise, on a regular basis. If your motivation in the gym is weight lifting and your goal is to drop pounds, I am sorry to tell you that you are essentially building muscles on top of fat! I am not suggesting to get rid of weight lifting completely, because you are still burning calories. But adding cardio to your workouts will not only aid in your cardiovascular health (which far outweigh the health benefits of weight training), it will also help you slim down with ease.

It is smart to have a balance when you are working out and to remember that eating healthy in addition to your workouts, is what will help you to lose those extra unwanted pounds!