Hello February & Seasonal Foods!!!

It's February already and I wanted to dedicate this post to all of the lovely fruits and veggies that are in season. A guaranteed way to reap all of the benefits these produce have to offer us, is eating them when they are "in season". When I say "benefits", I am not only referring to nutrition, but a list of other reasons. Check them out below:
  • Less pesticides / non-gmos
  • Cheaper
  • Crisper flavor
  • Creative recipes
I am not sure about you, but these are all reasons (and more) in which I purchase seasonal foods. I also support local farmers and I highly recommend that you do as well. You may not choose to purchase all of your produce from a farmer's market or farmer, but at least become familiar with where your food is sourced. Local, in my opinion, is always best!

Have an amazing February, ya'll!