Fresh Mint Leaf Tea

I have been so busy lately and I'm assuming a little stressed (I never know what my stress feels like) because my stomach flared with my Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms. Really, I've learned that IBS is just the tension in your colon walls, that struggle to "relax" (hence them being irritable). The discomfort that I experience is from (sorry in advance!), me passing gas but not being able to, well, you know...release! :-) Fresh mint leaf tea helps to calm my overall being and within minutes of drinking it, I am able to pass stool. YAY!

Here are some health benefits of drinking mint tea:
  • increases memory and alertness
  • improves blood circulation
  • enhances gastric emptying
  • combats bad breath / toothache pain
  • weight loss
  • provides stress relief
  • helps irritable bowel syndrome
  • cures migraines, nausea & vomiting
It's really simple to make and grown your own in a small pot!

A quick mint tea recipe:
  • take as many mint leaves from the stem as you need, wash and clean then before placing them in a mug. I typically press the leaves with a spoon once they are in my mug, to help release the natural oils.
  • pour boiled water over your leaves & cover the mug for about 10 minutes.
  • feel free to add raw/organic honey. 
  • stir , drink & ENJOY!