Wellness Break: Natural Products Part V

I am literally a product junkie, oftentimes carrying a long list of products that I absolutely must try! This deodorant is no different. I have been on a quest to find the best natural products that agree with my body. As an aside, I will share that I like this deodorant, I really do! However, I hate the fact that I have to re-wet it before every use. Also, with the re-wetting disclaimer, I should also note that your skin need be clean. This is a con for me, considering that I have been experiencing a bout of overactive sweating.

Nonetheless, this deodorant is good for anyone who doesn't care about the above. Someone who also likes to use natural products. I prefer natural deodorants because of the link between breast cancer and aluminum. The less chemicals I can control seeping into my body, the better. Crystal deodorants are made from natural mineral salts, void of any dyes, perfumes, parabens and any other chemical you can think of! This deodorant is great for combating odor causing bacteria, due to the mineral salt. You can usually find it for roughly $7, although, TJMaxx has an assortment of this brand in spray and rock form for a few bucks cheaper!