Wellness Break: Natural Products VII

Top L-R: Turmeric/Ginger, Pink Salt/Lavender, Powerful Peppermint

It has been while, since I've posted a "Wellness Break: Natural Products" haul post. It's particularly been a while for toothpaste because I had found my favorites and stuck to using them.

Having spent my earliest years in the Orthodontist chair, every other weekend, I take my oral health pretty seriously. I am an avid mouthwash swisher, dental flosser and tongue scraper, cause there's nothing worse than cavities that turn into painful root canals and funky breath! :)

I had not realized it until now, but I've been using these two toothpastes, for the past 5 years:
If you've been around the blog, hopefully you've gathered that if I love a thing, I have a tendency to wear it out. These two are my absolute staples, so I was a bit bummed when my local TJ Maxx store opened up in Atlanta and I could not find either! I looked around the shelves for a brand that I recognized and so I went home with Jasön.

Sidenote: I prefer perusing TJX stores for products, that I would normally find at Whole Foods. It allows me to sample more than just one product for a fraction of its cost.

So far, I have tried all three pictured and I would have to say that they are pretty good. It's only been a week or so, but my favorite out of this haul, happens to be the Turmeric and Ginger. I doubt I will permanently be making the switch to Jasön, but this post is really to encourage you to be fearless in changing your routine and try something new!