Gerber Organic Baby Food!

Organic Pear Spinach
So you know, healthy eating doesn't just have to end with you, right? Yesterday on Thanksgiving Day, my brother popped open one of these lovely pouches to feed my 1 year old nephew, Phillip. I was so intrigued as Phillip scarfed down this tiny pouch, that I picked it up immediately after he put it down! I couldn't believe my eyes...Gerber makes healthy baby food! In fact, they cover a nutrition guide via the Gerber website for "all stages". Being that I have no children, please excuse me if you've known about this! Also on their website, you can select the Interactive Menu Planner option and create meals for your little ones. While you're over there, check out 7 tips to better nutrition for your kiddos.

Nothing boils my blood more than seeing a family in a hurry, stopping nightly at fast food restaurants to feed their children! Remember, healthy eating begins with you and should continue on down to your children. Taking just an extra 5 minutes at the grocery store can make all the difference in your child's health. They also will be equipped with the necessary fruits and green vegetables that they so need! You'll find that adult veggie eaters were once children who enjoyed their vegetables.