Green For Life

If you have been wondering how I came into nutrition, I want to share with you a little bit about my "green" journey. Some years ago, I was working full-time, in school for my master's degree and interning for a mental health outpatient clinic. I was so busy with life that I was running low on energy, so I began to research ways to naturally increase my energy. I was thinking along the lines of juicing, but being that I was gearing up to quit my full-time job and increase my internship hours, I really did not want to spend $200+ on a good juicer. It was at that time that a light bulb went off! So I said to myself, "Jennifer, work with what you have a blender!"

Granted, I had done a lot of smoothies in the past, but just your typical fruit smoothies (no greens). So while doing my research on increasing my energy I conducted a web search for "juicing vs. smoothies" and I was amazed at the outcome! It has been debated, but I found an overwhelming amount of information on the absence of fiber from juicing, that I just decided to go ahead and start blending!

If you don't know me personally, a fact about myself is, once I commit to something, I obsess over it for days and sometimes months before I fully dive in. One of my favorite obsessions during this timeframe was finding "Green For Life", a small 186 page book by Victoria Boutenko. Packed inside this book was an abundance of information to aid me on my "green" journey. Within, you will find green smoothie recipes, the Roseburg Study, healing powers of chlorophyll and the benefits of digesting fiber (just to name a few).

After one month of drinking green smoothies for my breakfast (daily), I noticed that I had achieved my goal of increased energy! In addition to my energy levels, I had regular bowel movements and I was more focused, mentally. I cannot express to you how drinking my greens changed my life! I felt so much better and I began to crave green vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I just could not get enough!

I purchased my copy from Amazon due to the book being out of stock at the time of my purchase. However, I support what the Boutenko family is about, so please click the link and order here.