What's for dinner? Honey Teriyaki Salmon & Asparagus

I just wrapped up a two week fast, where I only ate fruits, vegetables and seafood. I also incorporated whole grains, water and 100% fresh juices. I had gotten in the habit of doing spiritual fasts, where no meat was allowed, that I was extremely excited with the addition of seafood! I'll discuss fasts later, when we learn about detoxification.

Honey Teriyaki Salmon, Garlic Asparagus
& Brown Rice
So, for tonight's dinner, I prepared Honey Teriyaki Salmon, Garlic Asparagus and Brown Rice. This meal is equipped with not 1, but 3 "bad mood" busters! Salmon is rich with omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D, two known sources that influence our moods. Also, if you recall from my Dr. Oz post, Asparagus is filled with folic acid, which is great if you are experiencing mood swings! I always cook using tons of Garlic, but I will have a separate post on the benefits of eating Garlic and your mood...so stay tuned!

See my recipe below:
  • I marinade my salmon for about 2 hours in rice wine, raw honey, soy sauce, minced garlic, and sesame seeds. Afterwards, I heated some extra virgin olive oil in a grill pan and seared the salmon. I like my salmon to be flaky, so almost well done, but not dry.
  • In a separate pan, I heated extra virgin olive oil and about 10 tsp of water in a pan. After clipping the ends of the asparagus, I placed them in the pan, along with minced garlic and a dash of garlic salt. Cover and allow to simmer for less than 10 minutes. This is a mix of steaming and sauteing.
  • Return water to boil with a tsp of extra virgin olive oil and cook brown rice until it's done.
Enjoy! Bon appetit!