Nettle Leaf

If you recall some posts back, I was suffering from a chocolate induced acne breakout and I internally cleansed by using dandelion root tea. Well, this month, my acne has reared its ugly head (no pun intended) once again. This time, however, it is not entirely my fault - I was actually sunbathing in Jamaica and drinking more sugary drinks than water. When in Rome, eh?

The dandelion root worked wonders for my skin, but I really wanted to experiment with Nettle Leaf, as I had purchased both at the same time last month. Remember, the dandelion root works to cleanse the liver. Nettle Leaf, on the other hand, works to remove toxins from your kidneys & bloodstream. If drinking it on a regular basis, it operates more as "prevention" rather than a "cure". My hope is to cleanse the toxins within and witness the results.

The use of nettle leaf may benefit your:
- Prostate health
- Digestive health
- Allergies
- Act as an anti-inflammatory agent

Traditional Medicinals is the brand of tea that I am using. If you cannot find it at your local grocery store, click here. As always, I am a full supporter of Vitacost.

This product, like many other natural herbs that I post, is not approved by the FDA. Use your personal discretion when seeking holistic methods.