The power of MACA!

I hate the term "superfood", but maca has been dubbed this for many many years! Any raw food advocate will tell you that maca is a staple in their life. The maca powder can be added to smoothies to:

- Balance MOOD!
- Improve memory & brain functioning
- Reduce symptoms of PMS
- Improve sleep
- Increase libido
- Regulate hormone production
- Assist w/ muscle growth
- Improve endurance & stamina
- Anti- Aging / Acne

If any of the above health benefits piqued an interest, I encourage you to try it! Navitas Naturals produces a pretty good quality Raw Maca Powder. You can purchase & learn more about this amazing root here! Be careful not to overdo it with this Peruvian "superfood", there are some concerns regarding adverse reactions in some people - not everyone. I would recommend 1-2 tbsp in your smoothie at least 3x per week.