A question that I keep asking myself every time I post is, "where's the mental health component?". I want to be clear that mental health was and is my first passion behind Food-Mood, nutrition is secondary. I have learned in the field of mental health, that many people stray away from the term because of the stigma behind it. No one wants to talk about how they have schizophrenia, but everyone is quick to discuss and support their specific cancer.

There truly is no difference, as in, they both can be life-threatening. 

When I think of the term "mental health", I think of one's overall well-being: how they feel about themselves, how they balance life's daily stressors and how they manage the world around them. No one is void of "mental health", some are better at coping than others. Nutrition is a huge aspect of one's well-being. For example, a client who deems themselves unhappy and overweight can become happy once they lose the weight through a healthy diet.

My hope is to continue to bring awareness to mental health, and provide education on the benefits of proper nutrition as it affects your overall well-being. Balance is key.