My new favorite fish: Barramundi

I recently spent time perusing my local grocery store and because my taste buds wanted something other than shrimp, salmon, tilapia or crab...I reached for some Barramundi! I had never tasted this flavorful fish before, but I was ready to give it a try! One thing that struck me was the fact that Barramundi is Mercury free, which means you can eat it as often as you fancy. Also, oddly enough, this fish is born a male and then after 5 years or so, it becomes female. Pretty interesting, right?

Here are some health benefits:
  • Full of omega-3s, which is a natural mood enhancer. Almost a 3rd more than Salmon.
  • It is the vegetarian of the sea, meaning that it mostly eats a plant based diet.
  • Free of mercury, so Zero toxins in your system!
The picture is of my grilled Barramundi, garlic mashed red potatoes, steamed asparagus and mushrooms. If you're interested in this recipe, please send me an email at It pairs well with citrus and garlic flavors.