Why Cleanse?

The answer is because you have waste in your colon from foods that the colon was never designed to handle. Unnatural foods, junk foods, and chemically processed foods are just some of the waste that is still built up in your colon, begging to come out!

If you become a client of Food-Mood, one of my very first questions that I ask is "How many times a day are you moving your bowels?". This question alone may seen invasive, but it will tell me what types of foods you are putting into your body and most importantly how much of the right liquids you are drinking.

I was recently asked about the use of Colonics and though I have never had one myself, I have done research on them in the past and I know that it is a natural process, if done very sporadically. Without having had a colonic, the only way that I could visually describe the waste build up in one's colon was to imagine your bathroom sink pipes. I have dropped several earrings down my sink and have had to dismantle the pipes to find them. Inside the pipes, I found dirt along the pipe walls and overtime this dirt continues to build up, clogging the pipes so that water is unable to flow through properly. At that time, you may use draino or have to contact a professional plumber.

Now picture your colon in the same regards. You can maintain a healthy colon by cleansing it the natural/healthy way or you may be forced to pay your insurance company once disease and harmful toxins set in. It's really your choice.

Email me to learn how to naturally cleanse your colon, I am always very happy to answer any questions you may have! jennifer@food-mood.org