National Nutrition Month - Update

Today is April 1st and I want to be updated! If you've been reading the blog, you are probably aware that March was National Nutrition Month. I suggested doing something different for the month of March, as it relates to your overall nutrition. I'd love to know the success you had this past month.

Here's what ended up happening for me because as I re-read the post, I realized that I excluded meat completely from March 10-31. 
  • During this time, I had absolutely zero cravings for chicken and with that I am completely shocked! Actually for the month, I had no cravings for anything except Salmon. 
  • I also started adding Greek Yogurt to my morning smoothies to give me an added boost of protein. Doing so has gotten me in the habit and I actually prefer all of my smoothies to be blended with it now.
  • I experimented with a vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Houston, called The Doshi House. It was amazing!
  • I hosted an Arbonne party at my house to support a friend of mine who is a consultant. Arbonne is a vegan based company that promotes products from nutrition to skin care.  
So tell me, what did you do differently? What changes did you make to your diet that will last beyond the 31 days? Please share, I love feedback! 

Remember: healthy eating is a lifestyle change, it won't happen overnight or within 31 days. Be consistent and keep at it!