Mental Health in the News: Faith & Spirituality Beneficial in Treatment?

This story is so timely, as I prepare for my interview to disclose my personal journey through situational depression and anxiety with you. Without sharing too much right now, I will say that my belief in God (my higher power), is what has brought me through and continues to bring me through my journey. I do not want to get into a debate about religion/spirituality and more importantly my personal religion/spirituality, but with so much discussion on taking "God" out of everything, there are still people who believe in something greater than themselves.

Side note: that is not the reason for this post. 

NAMI has a story out now that states, "A recent study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders has shown that people who believe in God are more responsive to short-term treatment of depression." I found this study fascinating and wanted to jump for joy and shout, "YES!".

Whatever your beliefs are, when I think of my beliefs and I think of God, I think of relentless faith and positivity. This is what oftentimes is void in a persons desire to cope or get better - there is no faith, nor hope.

If you're not one of those people who believe your opinions are always 100% accurate and have an open mind, please share your thoughts below. We are all different, which makes us unique and I truly understand that. However, a healthy dialogue is always welcome!

Here is the link to the story.