Wellness Break: Faith

In my previous post, I spoke briefly about faith and spirituality within the treatment of mental health. From time to time, I will read over the comments on various news articles around the web and often question why I did it because people seem so angry and hateful these days.

I spent a lot of time pondering the word "faith" and the conclusion that I have always come to, as a spiritual person, is that faith has absolutely nothing to do with religion. Faith is essentially "believing without seeing". True, this is a quote within the Bible, but just think about it; taking religion out.  We all need to believe in something greater than ourselves to push us through any uncertainty in life. If you are unable to believe without seeing, there is lack of hope.
Let's look at a personal experience, for an example. If I wanted a certain position in the past, I envisioned myself in that role, I believed it was mine. Key words: I believed it was mine. Have faith and be sure to believe without seeing and watch how quickly you knock through obstacles in life.

Be encouraged. Take a leap of faith.