National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

There is always an event that occurs that makes you realize why you do what you do. This past weekend, a colleague of mine committed suicide. Though I did not know this individual very well, we have had conversations in the past and were familiar with one another. There were so many thoughts swirling in my mind, when I received the news. The main thought was, "how?". We both work in an inpatient psychiatric facility and have backgrounds in mental health and chemical dependency. How did we not recognize the signs and the symptoms? And I am constantly reminded of how "silent" suicide ideations are and the diagnosis that leads someone to want to end their lives. It is not cookie cutter - no two people are the same (in regards to how they display their symptoms). 

If you or someone you know may be suffering silently, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. This is an organization that answers calls from across the United States. Their staff members are trained to handle conversations with their callers and the calls are completely confidential.

This post is in honor of M.A.S., I wish that I had been able to help.

Be encouraged.