Wellness Break: Exercise

I talk a lot about nutrition, but let's take a quick moment to discuss EXERCISE!!! There is a rule that you should be aware of and that is the 80:20 rule. How you look depends on 80% of what you eat/drink. The other 20% is via the type of exercise activities you are engaged in.

One of the many struggles that I hear is getting into the groove of working out. It is difficult, trust me, I know. I am a former track athlete, I ran year round for 6-7 years. That being said, I have to motivate myself and that is not always an easy task.

The fact of the matter is: not everyone is an athlete. I always encourage my clients to start somewhere small, like 30-45 minutes of cardio at least 3x per week. The cardio that I suggest consists of walking, power walking, jogging, running, cycling and even swimming. Get out and be active! Perhaps to motivate yourself (like I did), you can grab a partner, two tennis rackets, tennis balls and hit the tennis court!

Regular exercise is also another way to ensure your mood and stress levels are stabilized.