What's your #?

I have had the absolute great pleasure of working with Mental Health of America (MHA) on various projects in the past. They are a very well known organization to those in the field, but many may be unaware of what all they do in and for the community of Mental Health. To learn more about MHA, please click here.

Now on to my question...what's your #?

No, not telephone #, but what is your M3 score? According to MHA, "your M3 score is a number that will help you and your doctor understand if you have a treatable mood disorder, like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder." By taking this quick and easy 3 minute test, you can learn more about your number or the number of the individual that we spoke of in my previous post, so you can be better informed and seek professional guidance.

I took the test and it was quite painless! My score was pretty high considering I am in the profession, but that should tell you that mental health professionals are far from "perfection". The hardest part is being aware. Once you are aware, you know what areas in your life could benefit from improvement. 

Stay tuned this month, as I share my personal journey through mental health and how I personally overcame bouts with situational depression and anxiety.