Benefits of Flaxseeds

One of my staple ingredients that is always added to my green smoothies are flaxseeds! These tiny seeds may appear to serve no purpose, but they are actually filled with a ton of health benefits, some of which are known to fight off symptoms of depression.

Whole seeds & Ground seeds
Health Benefits of Flaxseeds:
  • perfect balance of omega 3-6-9 
  • high in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) - good in treating depression
  • helps lower high blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • reduces symptoms of menopause
  • eases Chron's and colitis stymptoms
  • high in vitamin E
Vitacost has a variety of flaxseed options (seeds, powders, oils and pills) that is linked here. I have faithfully purchased my ground flaxseeds from stores like TJMaxx and Marshals, in their home goods section. As an aside, the cost vs. amount is significantly better in these stores.