Happy Liver Juice

What if I told you that your mental health and overall well-being is linked to your liver? Our organs are directly linked to how we feel and how we balance our emotions. In my research, I have learned that by treating depression, holistic practitioners in the field pay close attention to the elimination of toxins in the liver. A part of the liver’s function, as it relates to our mental state, has the ability to stabilize our emotions and prevent emotional inactivity. When our liver is full with toxins, they move throughout our bloodstream, which in turn affects our body’s natural flow. One of the roles that the liver is responsible for is the conversion of hormones released during high emotional states to elimination. When our high levels of emotions stay a little longer than they should, the liver stops functioning properly.

It is a healthy practice to tune into our body’s natural flow, so that we are not weighing them down with toxins. Having a healthy diet is one good way to restore the liver’s function, so that we can maintain a healthy emotional state.

One of the ways that I have balanced my liver, is by flushing my system out with my “Happy Liver Juice” recipe. Take a look at the ingredients below and the benefits as they can improve your liver function:

- 6 carrots (natural liver detoxifier and great for acne) 
- 2 roots of turmeric (stimulates elimination of bile in the liver and then works to strengthen the liver)
- 1 lemon (liver cleanser) 
- 1 ginger nub (stimulates better liver performance)
- 1 orange (liver cleansing enzymes) 
- ½ tbs of maca root (balances those crazy hormones)
- Pour over ice, drink & enjoy!

I recommend drinking this juice at least 1-2 times per week (to start). While you detox your liver, you begin to detox your entire body and may experience clearer skin, stronger nails, weight loss and a spike in your energy!