Green Tea Water Flush

Many people ask me how I am able to drink so much water, especially if they know me personally and know that years ago I hated drinking plain water (read my blog post here). My response is always: "You have to be creative." Being that my weight requires me to drink 60+ ounces of water a day, I do not shortchange myself - I drink 60+ ounces a day!

If you are someone who struggles with drinking your daily intake of water, here is yet another way to maximize the opportunity to do so.

What you'll need:
  • Green Tea - I recommend using Green Tea because of its health benefits (Chinese and Indian medicine use green tea to improve mental health).
  • A glass jar that can be closed
  • Boiling water
Place 1 tea bag in a glass jar and pour boiling water over it. Seal the jar and place in the refrigerator to seep. Once chilled, feel free to add ice. Repeat these steps throughout the day until you have reached your maximum water intake (prepare the jars in advance). If you find that the water is still too bland, add a 1/2 tbs of raw honey to it prior to placing it in the fridge. 

While in HomeGoods a few months back, I stumbled across this lovely mix of green tea with dandelion, milk thistle and violet. I had to purchase it and I am so happy that I did! As the seasons have been changing rapidly (freezing one day and 70 degrees the next), I have avoided getting sick and I owe it to my ability to remain hydrated.

Happy brewing!