Cooking Tip: Parchment Paper

Happy Monday, folks! Please excuse my absence, when I am really busy in the community, I often neglect my social media outlets! Nonetheless, I thought I would hop on and share an easy cooking method with you, which is the use of parchment paper.

What I really enjoy about parchment paper is that it saves you from using cooking oils because whatever you are cooking, steams within the paper as you bake it in the oven. There is also absolutely no mess, you simply unwrap your steamed food and serve!

For me, I have prepared mostly fish (like the Swai fillets pictured) using the parchment. I have also steamed asparagus with various veggies, seasoned with fresh garlic and herbs.

You can find parchment paper at any grocery store, next to aluminum foil and saran wrap. Here's a YouTube video from the guys over at Food Wishes, with a thorough demonstration and additional information on where to find parchment paper.

Have fun!