Health Benefits of Spirulina

Thought I would pop in to share another great find from a local TJX store: Spirulina!

Spirulina is a form of blue-green algae that is born in the freshest warm water. The Aztecs often used spirulina because of it's nutrient-rich properties, which is why we know it today as a "super food".

Below are some of the many health benefits accompanied in this super food:
  • Gamma-linolenic Acid (GLA) - this is a highly beneficial Omega-6 that supports a healthy mood
  • Contains Omegas - 3, 6, & 9
  • Naturally rich in iodine
  • Prevents and helps with cardiovascular disease, including hypertension
  • High in Protein - 60% (a complete protein)
  • Supports a health liver
  • Reduces symptoms of allergies
  • Increases energy
  • Ease symptoms of PMS
  • ...& many more!
You can purchase Spirulina in tablet and powder form. I include a tbs of the powder in my green smoothies. Another way is to take it as a shot, using a couple of ounces of water and a couple of squirts of fresh lemon juice. Drink the shot quickly and swish around plain water afterwards.