Hemp Happy!

Its been a while since I've posted a TJX store healthful foods haul. I will do a series of posts of items that I have recently picked up at my local store. 

However, today, I would like for you to meet my Hemp Hearts <3. During the day, I am not confined to working behind a desk. I am actually the director of a behavioral health outreach program at a psychiatric hospital and I spend roughly 90% of my time in the community, networking with mental health professionals. In having a position which requires me to have back to back appointments, I sometimes do not have the luxury of stopping for lunch. I instead, pack small foods to snack upon throughout the day. This week I have been all about these Hemp Hearts by Manitoba Harvest. I love their story so much because it has been true to my own personal experience this week...lots of energy and utter happiness! This 8 ounce bag was $6.99 at Homegoods.

I've blogged about Hemp in the past, so do yourself a favor and read up on some of the benefits here.

Hempseed is a source of essential fatty acids which can help fight symptoms of depression. 

Eat well, feel good my friends!