Benefits of Wheatgrass

I've been having a wonderful time working on a project that I hope to share with you in the near future. Part of the experience will cause me to spend a great deal of time on this beautiful farm. Here's a photo of one many wheatgrass pods growing on said farm.

Wheatgrass is small, but mighty. Here's a list of some benefits that come from incorporating wheatgrass into your daily nutrition regime:
  • Detoxifier, rejuvenates the cells, eliminates toxins
  • Encompasses many different enzymes
  • Alkalizes and cleanses the blood
  • Complete protein − 20%
  • Natural energy booster
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immunity booster
  • More vitamin C than oranges
  • Twice the amount of vitamin A as carrots
  • Clears skin and reduces body odor
What has your experience been with wheatgrass? Have you ever grown your own pod? I typically juice my wheatgrass, take it as a shot with a slice of orange as a chaser.