Creamy & Delicious Flax Milk!

I am admittedly a creature of habit, especially when I find something that not only works, but that I like. Well recently, I decided to experiment with a variety of milks because I have been married to Almond Milk for a few years now. The first post is on Flax Milk, made with flaxseeds. First, I must say that I always read nutrition labels and I am leery of labels with a lot of ingredients. Being that I do not always make my nut milk myself, I do not battle the milk label gods. It must, however, be lactose, gluten and carrageenan free because of my Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). As you can tell by the photo, the folks at Good Karma met my needs.

Here are some benefits of flaxseeds that I posted in the past. I've always recommended flaxseeds to clients who not only struggle with poor nutrition, but have depressive-like symptoms.

Now onto the taste...this is definitely creamy & delicious! I have fallen in love. Though, I don't plan to cheat on my beloved almond milk, I will most certainly make flax milk apart of my daily intake.

Flaxseed milk isn't so difficult to make. I will make an attempt at making my own in the near future. Have you ever had flax milk? Do share!

Drink well...feel good. :-)