I absolutely could NOT wait to post about Kombucha! I remember in 2012 when I first tried the vinegar-like tasting drink, I had just left Central Market in Houston and I wanted to gag! LOL! It took me almost another year before I circled back around to try it again. This time, it was homemade and I fell in love!! So of course, you know that it quickly became an obsession, right? Well, as with most things that I obsess over (not men), I have to be mindful to remain consistent, Kombucha took a backseat to my freshly pressed organic juices. This was until I got settled in my juicing business and quite frankly, did not want juice on a daily basis. In walks Kombucha, for the third and final time! It is guaranteed to be a staple for the long haul, especially GT's Kombucha.

So what is Kombucha? You might be asking yourself this question or perhaps, you already know. And if you already know, I hope you know what I know and incorporate it in your nutritional regime quite often. My sister is not a fan of it, so I will say that it is an acquired taste. I will also say to be present with the health benefits and try to pay the above "acquired taste" comment no mind and drink it anyways!

Kombucha, in layman's terms is fermented tea. It is made with a kombucha culture mushroom, cane sugar and green or black tea. Due to the fermentation process, you will find that most organic kombucha's have a certain percentage of alcohol. Very little, but if you drink it first thing in the morning (like me) or on an empty stomach, you are sure to experience a mini buzz! Kombucha is a healthier alternative to soda, due to its carbonation - it bubbles and fizzes like a Coca-Cola! I promise, it is much healthier for your overall health and well-being though.

So what benefits have I noticed about drinking kombucha? I have been consuming it 7 days a week for the past four months now and so far, I have more energy (as if I need it), clearer skin and a very healthy and happy gut (due to all of the yummy probiotics). Kombucha contains Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Probiotics, Polyphenols, Organic Enzymes, and Amino Acids.

Depending on where you live, you can find this brand at Whole Foods, Sprouts (they usually have it discounted at $2), and Publix.

As mentioned above, you can brew kombucha at home. I would suggest that you research it. If your personal items are not sterile, you can become extremely sick. You want to make sure that you know exactly what you are doing before making a homemade batch.