What if I told you that your body is the home of tiny living intestinal parasites that feed off of certain foods that you consume? Would you be totally grossed out? Well, I MUST warn you to not research how they depart from their beloved home (your GI tract), after conducting a parasite cleanse.

I will not write an entire blog post on parasites and all of the fun stuff that I enjoy discussing when speaking on colon health. I will just urge you to do research on human parasites and how EVERYONE is affected (yes, even you!).

Below is a list of ways that parasites enter your body:
  • Contaminated water and food supplies (including fruits and vegetables)
  • Raw/undercooked meats
  • Walking BAREFOOT outside. Yes, I said it! I do enjoy it too. Or think of the beach or pool that you walk on when on vacation. Human parasites enter in and travel through the bottom of your foot. Not just walking around, but swimming in the ocean and the pool.
  • Having pets!
  • Traveling overseas
  • Improper hand washing or lack of
  • & more! yikes!!
So now that I've gotten your attention. It is not a matter of IF you have parasites, but what you can do to rid your body of them on a routine basis.  Parastroy is one product that I invest in, to cleanse my body. I only utilize a parasite cleanse every 6 months, so that is twice per year. I enjoy Parastroy the most because it has been extremely gentle on my system. The only con is that there are so many pills that you have to take daily (4) and the length of time to finish is 20+. There are other options and it comes in liquid form and most can be completed within a couple of weeks.

Also, there are some other holistic colon cleansing methods that you can use on a continuum, that will kill parasites and I have listed those below:
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Wormwood
  • Cloves
  • Raw Pumpkin Seeds (a handful a few times per week)
  • Black Walnut Hull