Superfruit Baobab Powder

I have a "thing" for superfoods, so I was happy to find this powder at TJMaxx for a discounted price. I had done some previous research, but did not care for the hefty price tag, but this 8oz bag was $12, so I decided it was time to give it a go. It is considered "The King" of Superfruits, so I had to!! :-)

The Baobab fruit has the following health benefits:
  • 3x more calcium than milk
  • 4x more potassium than bananas
  • 6x more Vitamin C than an orange
  • 10x more antioxidants than Goji Berries
  • 8 essential Amino Acids
  • It is also good for: Skin, Respiratory and Digestive Health
So what is it? As stated above, it is a superfruit. No, no, it is THE King of Superfruits! I have to do it some justice. It is Africa's true superfruit. If you have some time, do a search on the fruit and the tree that it grows from. It is one of the most beautiful trees, in my opinion. Its trunk circumference is very large and it is also called "bottle tree" or "upside-down tree". The trunk is known to store 60,000 gallons of rainwater.

I have been adding a tablespoon of this powder to my green smoothies in the morning. To be honest, I do so much, nutritionally, that I cannot tell what difference it is doing to my well-being. It doesn't have a particular taste, though I know that it is there. I rest in the fact that it has the benefits listed above and I find joy that I am doing my body good!

Have you tried Baobab before? What other superfruits do you get excited about?