Jen's Botanical Garden: Homemade Lemon Balm Tincture

After giving this blog some additional thought, I felt the need to clarify that out of the 945 days that I was absent, I spent about 300 of those days, stressed out due to being forced to sell my condo to a billionaire investor. Of course, those days are long behind me and there's no sense in digging up useless emotions, because quite frankly...the moment I "let go" of the stress of having to move, I found the most ideal home to purchase and I absolutely love it here!

I knew I was going to own my new home, only after viewing its MLS listing, 7 minutes after it posted online. I just had a feeling, ya know? A feeling, even though this was the 11th home, I had put an offer on. Well, turned out, that the previous owner (there's only been 1), is a healer, like myself. As soon as I stepped foot into my home, I felt "at home".

When I did my initial walk-through, I discovered a wild plant growing in the back of the house, that resembled mint. Being the closeted botanist that I am, I pulled a leaf to taste it and quickly noticed its distinct lemon flavor. Lemon Balm! I said with great excitement!

Which brings me to the reason for this blog post...
What the hell is lemon balm and what is it used for?!😅 

Lemon Balm, also known as Melissa officinalis, is indeed a part of the mint family. It grows very bushy and can be used to cook, but moreover, can be used to heal. My excitement ensued, because I have long studied its benefits on the nervous system. If you've read around the blog, you are more than likely aware that I have a history of situational anxiety (please read first paragraph lol). Due to this, I have a stash of anxiety busting, self-care remedies in my arsenal and tinctures have always been a part of my regime. 
Jen's Homemade Lemon Balm Tincture
I never wanted to doubt that Lemon Balm showed up at my new house, for naught. So I took matters into my own hands and whipped up some homemade tinctures. How cool is it, that I have one of the most calming herbs growing in my backyard!? The fact that I could save $15  (for one bottle) and make SEVERAL tincture bottles at home, had me super geeked! I stopped the consumption of taking supplement pills and believe that using tinctures is one of the best ways to reap health benefits.

I couldn't' recall exactly how I made the tinctures above, but found a blog post, that I am certain is similar to how I prepared mine. Enjoy.