Easy Paloma Cocktail Recipe

How does the saying go? "There's a first time for everything"...in my case, there's a first time for me adding an alcoholic beverage to my health and wellness blog. I very rarely drink liquor at home, my drink of choice, after work, is undoubtedly Malbec (a red wine varietal). HOWEVER, every now and then, times call for a homemade cocktail.

Today is Friday and upon arriving to work this morning, my lovely boss gifted me an exquisite bottle of Peligroso Tequila. Peligroso translates to "dangerous" in Spanish, which to me, means proceed with caution. LOL! He has raved about the smooth taste and after my first sip, I must admit, it is amazing!! This week has been crazy, to say the least. I've had staff who have tested positive for COVID-19, so this Paloma is the great end to a rough work week.

Aside from the Tequila, I think, it's pretty healthy *wink wink*.

  • Tequila of choice, 2 ounces...I am horrible at measuring, so measure by your tastebuds
  • Sparkling Grapefruit Juice, 6 ounces
  • 1 Grapefruit, sliced
  • 1 Lime, juiced
  • Kosher Salt, if you're fancy and in need of a salted rim
  • Ice
  • Mix your tequila, sparkling grapefruit juice, and lime juice in a shaker 
  • Pour into a salted rim glass, over ice and serve with a slice of grapefruit
  • Enjoy and cheers to your weekend! WE ALL DESERVE IT!
Here's a quote from the Daily News:

"It (tequila) will elevate your mood. Unlike other alcohol options, tequila is said to be an upper, not a downer. This one may be a myth (since it contains ethanol, a depressant), but have you ever seen anyone upset while holding a margarita? Didn't think so."