Immunity Elixir

Heyyy, can you believe it, I am back! I'm really trying to commit to blogging, as we're dealing with COVID-19. My daily regime is worth a blog post, especially if it can help others.

Having healed myself with juicing and being an owner of a juice bar, I wanted to share an elixir I have been drinking this week, to ensure that I'm receiving all of the Vitamin C that a girl needs. My office is literally 20 ft away from one of the major COVID-19 testing sites in Georgia and so other than practicing proper hygiene, my body could use added doses of antiviral nutrients.
Don't forget your water!!
Grab your juicer and let's get juicing!

Here's what you'll need:
  • 20 carrots
  • 10 oranges
  • 1 lemon
  • 2 ginger nubs
  • 1 turmeric nubs
I have a Super Angel Juicer, so my juices last at least 3 days, refrigerated. If you're juicing with a faster juicer, you want to ensure that you consume your juices within 15 minutes. I always recommend swishing each sip around in your mouth, prior to swallowing. This helps your body digest and absorb all the nutrients it needs.

Be well!