Warm Garlic Water

Garlic and Jen are damn near synonymous with one another. We go together, like peanut butter and jelly. There aren't any recipes that I cook, where I do not use garlic. In fact, whenever garlic is on my grocery list, I always pick up about 4 bulbs. I love garlic so much, that I occasionally drink it, if I want to be relieved of my IBS symptoms or if feeling sick. Pores dripping garlic. Don't believe me? One of my first blog posts, in 2012, was about The Power of Garlic. I shared how it is a mood elevator, but I wasn't fully aware of its impact on my gut health at that time.

Anywho, what's in my cup? Just warm water, poured over a sliced garlic clove and lemon.

Check out a few of my older beverage recipes, where I used garlic: