Cheers to 2021!

I realize that when I do not blog, I miss it here! I was extremely proud of myself in 2020 for blogging so consistently, however, the thought of blogging can be a bit of a burden with an already full schedule. I also like to share my yummy recipes (stay tuned) and typing recipes in itself can be very time consuming - which is something I do not have an abundance of.

Nonetheless, I wanted to pop in, to document that I made it through 2020 and am 12 days in to 2021! I know that our circumstances haven't changed much, but aren't you glad that 2020 is over? I tried to remain optimistic about what was in front of me, but there were days where I felt less than optimistic, ya know? And that is OKAY. With the global pause, I was able to sit more in solitude with myself. I learned to truly live in each and every moment. In my pessimism, I never wanted to stay there, so to pull myself out of any rut, I focused all of my efforts on having an attitude of gratitude. What was I grateful for, in spite of? That list continues to grow, even 10 months later.

If you've been around my blog for some years, I don't care about New Year's resolutions. I set intentions. This year, the goal is to not take on more than I need to. To continue to find ease in the pause. I simply jotted down 6 core areas that I wanted to focus on: emotional health, mental health, spiritual health, familial health, financial health and physical health. For each core area, I have set only one intention for the first quarter. I'll then revisit in March and establish a continuation, if you will, for 2nd quarter. This helps me to stay balanced on things that I wish to accomplish for myself this year, but also taking it one day (or quarter), at a time.

What are your 2021 intentions? Feel free to shoot me an email!