Peruvian Spiced Berry Tea

I really wanted to share this particular product on my blog. My brother got this Inca Peruvian Spiced Berry Tea for my birthday some time ago, but I am just now getting into it. He discovered it on one of his many solo ventures and knew that I would be a fan of it! I have enjoyed the taste of this tea, but found that I preferred it more, when using it in my french press. 

An excerpt from their website:

"This best-selling Inca Tea blend pays homage to the ancient Incan recipe of antioxidant-rich purple corn, berries and spices. The flavors are herbal and fruity. The feeling is like reaching the mountain summit."

I have noticed a significant increase in energy, while consuming this tea. The jury is still out on long-term effects, but so far so good!

Check out the company and all of the other products that they sell here.