Get me to the GREEK...

yogurt, that is! I am a huge fan of eating yogurt, but have been converted to eating Greek yogurt in place of my traditional non-fat yogurts. I have to forewarn you that with its thick consistency, Greek yogurt is an acquired taste. If at first you are not crazy about the taste, keep eating, I guarantee you that you'll go back for more! The only brand that I have tried thus far is Chobani and I have had each the blueberry, peach and blood orange flavors. The blueberry is an all time favorite.

Let's take a closer look at Greek yogurt, its origination, the health benefits and some concerns.

According to my research, Greek yogurt is a yogurt that has been "strained in a cloth or paper bag filter to remove the whey, giving it a consistency of yogurt and cheese." If you  have not heard of whey, read more here. Most strained Greek yogurt, unlike regular yogurts, is made from real milk and has no added fat. Strained yogurt is a tradition for countries in the Eastern Mediterranean, hence the name.

Health benefits:
  • Greek yogurt is high in calcium. A 6 oz. cup will give you 20% of the federal daily recommended value.
  • Greek yogurt is a natural source of probiotics. Eat this yogurt for healthy digestion and to boost your immune system.
  • Greek yogurt is high in protein. If you are a vegetarian, Greek yogurt may be more appealing to you, as this is a delicious alternative to obtaining a good amount of protein. A typical serving contains 15-20 grams of protein, which is equivalent to 2-3 ounces of lean meat.
  • Greek yogurt is low in carbs. If you are a habitual carb counter, this yogurt is for you! This yogurt has roughly 1/2 the amount of carbs as the traditional yogurts. Also, during the straining process, Greek yogurt loses some of the lactose and milk sugar, which is good for those who are lactose intolerant.
  • Greek yogurt is low in sodium. I have recommended this yogurt to those who have high blood pressure or diabetes. The sodium in Greek yogurt is again about 1/2 the amount in regular yogurts.
  • Greek yogurt is high in saturated fats. Be sure to check the nutrition labels on Greek yogurt. You will want to select the yogurt that is low-fat or fat free.
If you are buying plain Greek yogurt, research the various ways you can substitute it for other cooking items, such as sour cream, butter and even heavy cream!! 

Tell me about your experience eating Greek yogurt in the comment section below. I hope you enjoy the taste as much as I do.