Wellness Break: Natural Products Part I

The path towards complete health and wellness can feel overwhelming to someone just starting out. Trust me, I know because I was a "product junkie", though I still love my lavish bath soaps, perfumes and body lotions. I did, however, decide to take small steps in the direction of becoming chemical free and that started with aluminum-free deodorant and fluoride-free toothpaste.

I wanted to take a Wellness Break in the middle of National Nutrition Month to share two natural, chemical-free products that I began using last year and am completely satisfied with!

Here are some health risks associated with using products that contain the following:

Aluminum: Seizures, Breast Cancer, Kidney Problems, Alzheimer's Disease and Bone Forming Disorders. (Read my blog post on why sweating is good!)

Fluoride: Tooth Decay, Certain Cancers, Thyroid Problems and Osteoporosis.

I encourage you to take responsibility for not just your nutrition, but your overall wellness and research reasons why and ways that you may begin eliminating chemicals from your daily use. As I mentioned, I am still attached to some personal items, but I am happy with the small changes that I have made! You must be willing to start somewhere.

To learn more about Tom's of Maine and all of their natural products, visit their website here.

Update: I purchased a couple of boxes of toothpaste from Wal-Mart and I did not check to see if they were all fluoride free. Unfortunately, since I did not pay close attention to my purchase, the photo above is of one that has fluoride in it. I discovered this after a week of sensing something wasn't quite right with my taste buds! So the overall message is: READ LABELS, folks! :-)