Exciting News...

When I first started Food-Mood in 2012,  I realized that I found the full scope of my passion. I was able to successfully combine two of my personal missions...mental health awareness and nutrition. Food-Mood had been in business for almost a year when I knew that the ultimate goal was to expand my reach and the only way to accomplish this was to pursue my lifelong dream of being a founder of a nonprofit organization!

After laboring over the idea, filling out paperwork and patiently waiting for the government to reopen after a shutdown, I am happy to say that I have not only founded a nonprofit organization, but have been granted federal tax-exemption status!

Now onto the real work! 

I am so excited and cannot wait to share additional news with my Food-Mood readers. As with any nonprofit organization, community support/donations, etc. is always welcome. I like to get going before I ask for help, so please stay tuned! :-)

2014 is all about transforming your ideas to implementation to impact!

Happy June!!