Stay Hydrated with FIJI!

Thanks to my brother, I have been geeking out on all things mineral and artesian water! My latest obsession has been FIJI water. Someone who is not a water connoisseur, may not even notice a difference in the plethora of bottled waters housed in your local grocery store, but I happen to not be that person. As I shared with you in this post a few years ago, I absolutely loathed drinking water as a child. Now that I can think back, I grew up in the 80's and there was not as many issues with tap water then as there are now NOR could you go to the grocery store and select from a variety of bottled water brands. But I think for someone who was inclined to go into the field of wellness, I could tell the difference early on, that tap water was not my friend! :-)

So far, I am not able to speak on how I feel by drinking this fairly expensive water. However, what I can tell you is that it has become increasingly easy for me to drink plain water. I am known for adding ACV, Aloe Vera, fruits, etc. to liven my water drinking experience. I like the fact that FIJI is extremely smooth tasting, which according to their website, is attributed to its electrolytes and minerals.

What's your favorite bottled water? BPA free, of course!