Go Phyto!

Meet Phyto: my child that has been evolving for almost three years (4 years, now)! I am so excited to introduce to you a way to experience my concept of a Food-Mood nutrition model via my raw cafe + elixir bar!

So what is Phyto you may be asking yourself? Well, for starters, Phyto means "plant" in Greek and all fruits + vegetables contain phytochemicals/phytonutrients. Phytochemicals are what gives produce their smell, taste and color (among other things). They are equipped to ward off the bad guys, on the inside of us. Some have been known to keep diseases away and boost brain function. Secondly, I had visions of starting my own juice bar for years, yet for some reason I had always talked myself out of it. In 2014, I founded a nonprofit and realized that I wanted a sustainable for-profit business that was going to aid in revenue generation, which is why eventually $1 from every purchase at Phyto will be donated to the nonprofit. I'll tell you more about the nonprofit in a future post, as I am still working on the programming.

It took months for me to complete a nutritionally dense menu, one of which incorporates all things "food and mood" and I am very proud of it! The menu includes a full list of elixirs (juices + smoothies + wellness shots), and a raw foods selection of smoothie bowls, salads, wraps and a dessert. Over half of the ingredients are desired to be purchased from local farms that Phyto partners with (remember my Wheatgrass post?). All ingredients used remain fresh, organic and local. In my duty to remain sustainable, some juice pulp is donated to the farm for compost! :-)

I introduced Phyto to a very small community of people who were interested in my 3-day Renewed Vitality Cleanse. The participants absolutely loved their juices and experienced immediate results in the way that they viewed nutrition and their overall lifestyles. 

Since I originally made this blog post (over a year ago), many many clients have purchased the 3-day cleanse and my guys have lost up to 10 lbs. The most a gal client of mine has lost, was 7 lbs. So it works! I utilize much of my nutritional counseling experience and I work to tailor the cleanse package to meet each individuals needs.

If you consider us, but feel that we are far from where you are located, we offer same day delivery to your place of business only, within the Atlanta metropolitan area. I gain many of my corporate clients via their employee wellness programs. Food-Mood has also been utilized via employee wellness presentations on nutrition and behavior.

Please visit Phyto's website here, take a look at the menu and place your order today! If you are on Instagram or Facebook, find us at GoPhyto. Remember, we only work with individuals at their place of business, with a minimum order.