Self-Care Break: Meditation Coloring Book

I have been meditating since I was in high school. I finally felt as though I mastered the practice in my 30's, as well, practicing yoga has helped me expand the many ways I approach my meditations. At times, I still struggle with calming my mind, because I am very analytical in nature and as the saying goes...I typically have multiple "tabs" open at once!

Meditation is a part of my self-care regime. In addition to guided meditations or listening to a particular binaural beat, I will often reach for one of my many meditation coloring books. Don't you remember how calming coloring was as a child? While I used to counsel children and adolescents, I would always begin our sessions, by engaging them in coloring. My clients and I would cover so much personal ground, through therapeutic play.

If you've ever struggled with meditation, I highly recommend grabbing some colored pencils, a meditative coloring book that you like and get to coloring!! For me, coloring Mandalas are very Zen and after a little time has passed, I forget any and every thing that was on my mind, while in the moment of color.