Gluten-Free Coconut Flour

Remember my Quinoa Flour post? You can take a look at it here. Well guys, it is a favorite of mine. I have only made quinoa pancakes with it. My apologies, they weren't pretty, so I didn't post them. :-) I was not able to tell much difference in the flavor, but in the texture. Alternatives to all-purpose flours are popular with me because of the issues I experience with my digestive system.

Anywho, meet the newest addition: coconut flour. I purchased this 1 pound bag from TJX/HomeGoods for only $4.79. It is an "organic superfood" by Nutiva, which also makes a trusted coconut oil that I use. Here's what Nutiva has to say about their coconut flour.

The benefits of coconut flour are plenty, these are just a few:
  • high in fiber
  • rich in protein
  • good source of manganese, vitamin C and thiamin
  • aids in bone health, thyroid health and healthy skin
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